7 Reasons Why Snoring Should Be Taken Seriously

by | Feb 3, 2023

picture of a man closing his ears with his pillow due to the fact his partner snores

Snoring is a condition that anyone can experience. It is, however, more common among males that are overweight. Snoring can also become more severe as the person ages. Occasional snoring should not be a cause for concern. Usually, it will merely annoy your partner. However, if your snoring is already affecting your sleep pattern, it is time to consider snoring treatments in St. Albert.

Why You Should Start Looking for Snoring Treatment Near You

Your partner is mostly affected by your snoring. However, you should also remember that you will be at a higher risk if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Snoring can also signify that you are suffering from complications and health issues. We will highlight why you should visit our St. Albert dental office and inquire about snoring treatments.

1. You Can Be at Risk of Hypertension

Snoring can mean that you are suffering from cardiovascular disease. When we are snoring, our normal breathing will be disrupted. Minimal breathing can detrimentally affect your blood pressure level. Once this happens, our oxygen level will abruptly drop. Low blood levels signal to our brain that our blood vessels must be constricted, increasing our blood pressure. The sudden increase in your blood pressure will persist the following day. In a study published in the European Respiratory Journal, experts state that snoring will increase your risk of developing hypertension, especially among individuals ages 50 and up.

2. Snoring May Lead to Diabetes

Snoring can cause poor lifestyle choices that can lead to diabetes. Women are more vulnerable to type 2 diabetes. Once the oxygen supply in your body drops, it will undergo a fight mode that boosts your stress. After this, the glucose in your blood will increase, which may progress to diabetes.

3. Snoring and Obesity Can be a Warning Sign

Snoring does not make a person obese. However, this can be alarming if you are overweight and tend to snore. For example, obesity can increase the risk of developing diabetes. Add snoring to that factor, and you may be diabetic in a matter of 10 years. The risk is higher for individuals ages 30-69.

4. Snoring Can Increase Your Risk of Stroke

There are many studies that state that snoring is a risk factor for stroke. However, you should visit your St. Albert dental clinic if this is associated with sleep apnea.

5. It Can Be Associated with Depression

If you are not getting adequate sleep, it can affect your mental and emotional health. Therefore, it may not be surprising to hear that sleep apnea and snoring can be related to depression. A study that was conducted to identify how snoring can affect your mental health reveals that about 50% of those who are snoring take medication to relieve the symptoms of depression. Therefore, you should take this matter seriously and learn about the possible snoring treatments in St. Albert. 

6. It Can Cause Morning Headaches

Those who snore may suffer from a mild morning headache. Headaches can affect a person’s lifestyle and lower their reliability and performance at work. In addition, snorers are also at risk of migraine, psychological distress, and insomnia.

7. You Can Develop Cancer

Studies have shown that periods of poor sleep are linked to an increase in cancer cells. Once the supply of oxygen has decreased, this allows the cancer cells to develop. Experts believe that oxygen deprivation can lead to the development of blood vessels to compensate for the reduced oxygen. This unnecessary increase in blood vessels can cause the growth of tumours.

It would be best if you did not wait for these complications and health issues to develop. If your sleeping partner mentions that you are snoring, visit your dentist, who specializes in snoring treatments near you.

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